Kinetik Therapy


Eliminate your pain, accelerate your

healing and greatly improve your mobility.

Kinetik Therapy is an innovative technique that uses the proven medical technology of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy to quickly treat chronic muscular and joint pain. Shockwave Therapy uses high-energy sound waves (the same technology used to break up kidney stones) to penetrate and heal injured tissue. Kinetik Therapy utilizes a refined yet advanced version of Shockwave Therapy that is highly effective and non-invasive.


With success rates of up to 91% and results typically noticeable within the first or second treatment, Kinetik Therapy works by restarting the  healing process, quickly reducing pain and inflammation, dissolving scar tissue, stimulating new blood vessel growth and ultimately increasing flexibility and mobility. The reduction in pain and increase in mobility has resulted in a vast improvement for the quality of life in nearly all our patients.

Restarting the Healing Process

Nutrient blood flow is necessary to start and maintain the healing process of damaged tissue

Nutrient blood flow is necessary to start and maintain the healing process of damaged tissue. The acoustic waves used in Kinetik Therapy create ruptures in tiny blood vessels, causing a release of growth factors responsible for tissue healing; these growth factors cause new blood vessels to form. The formation of new blood vessels improves blood flow and increase oxygen to the injured tissue resulting in faster healing. Kinetik Therapy also accelerates the production of collagen and promotes alignment of the fibers in such a way that the newly formed tendon fibers result in a more dense and firmer structure.

Reversal of Chronic Inflammation and Pain

Chronic inflammation occurs when the inflammatory response does not stop; this can damage healthy tissue and result in chronic pain.

Chronic inflammation occurs when the inflammatory response does not stop; this can damage healthy tissue and result in chronic pain. Kinetik Therapy activates specific white blood cells that are one of the key components of the inflammatory process. The activated white blood cells first enhance the inflammation and then help restore normal healing and regenerative processes. Substance P is a neurotransmitter generally associated with intense, persistent and chronic pain. Acoustic waves produced by Kinetik Therapy lower the concentration of Substance P, triggering pain relief. Decreasing Substance P and other metabolites also helps reduce inflammatory swelling.

Breaking Down Scar Tissue and Calcium Deposits

Scar tissue and calcium deposits imbed in soft tissue injuries acting like sand paper and glue.

Scar tissue and calcium deposits imbed in soft tissue injuries acting like sand paper and glue, causing irritation and inflammation with each use of the muscle involved. Think of your muscle like a group of spaghetti noodles, soft and flexible. With trauma or repetitive stress to the tissue, tears can occur. These tears will often repair with scar tissue which acts like a glue, causing the spaghetti noodles or fibers to stick to each other. Once this happens the muscle loses its flexibility and suppleness and the mobility decreases with it. When we use the muscle, the scar tissue between the muscle fibers creates a pulling action, causing friction, inflammation and pain. Kinetik Therapy assists in dissolving this scar tissue. Calcium build-up can result from micro-tears or other trauma to a muscle. Calcium acts like sand paper in the muscle and tendon. In other words, every time you use the muscle, it rubs across that “sandpaper”, creating inflammation and pain. Kinetik Therapy breaks up these calcifications and in just a few treatments the deposits become a toothpaste consistency, which the body then flushes out through the lymphatic system.

About Kinetik Therapy

Benefits of Kinetik Therapy

  • Kinetik Therapy treats injuries differently than other therapies
  • Kinetik Therapy increases flexibility, mobility and decreases pain
  • Kinetik Therapy breaks down scar tissue
  • Kinetik Therapy stimulates new blood vessel growth
  • Kinetik Therapy restarts the healing process
About Kinetik Therapy
Why Kinetik Therapy

Why Kinetik Therapy

  • Success rates up to 91%
  • Typically see pain reduction and increased mobility within 1-2 treatments
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • No downtime
  • High success rates for chronic injuries

Our Happy Clients

I suffered from shoulder and upper arm pain in both arms for 2 years. Other treatments weren’t working and the doctor suggested surgery as the only alternative. My rotator cuff were worn out from overuse, with a lot of scar tissue. Wait time would be 2 years or more. This was not an option for me. I received 2 Kinetik treatments from Dr. Harris and immediately after the first treatment I had less pain in my shoulders and arms. After the second treatment I was 90% pain free. I was able to sleep on my side without waking up from pain. I was a skeptic but am now a believer.

- Shirley K

Hi to Ryan and the team. I am so very satisfied with the treatments you provided. On a scale of 0-100% I have to say 100%. I am aware that I have a heel spur; but as long as I wear proper footwear I no longer have any noticeable pain. As you know; I walk on a very uneven tile floor, pavement and concrete 8 hours a day. Before I came to you I was in tears daily from foot pain. And lived on pills; just so I could go to work each day. After the first treatment I walked all the next day with no pills and minimal pain. By the end of the 4th treatment I was a new person. That was a month ago and still no pain, no pills. So thanks so very much.

- Pat Cameron

After undergoing Arthroscopic Surgery on my left knee to repair a torn ACL, I underwent extensive physiotherapy without full recovery due to chronic, muscle spasms and scar tissue. After one visit to see Dr. Harris I noticed measurable gains in pain relief along with range of motion. Finally, after completing my course of Kinetik Treatments I was at a loss for words in regards to the gratitude I had for Dr. Harris' help. Kinetik was the best therapy I received over 3 years of pain and I'm willing to advocate that it works!

- Kenton D.

Dr. Ryan Harris Kinetik Therapy

Quick, non-invasive treatment for:

Shoulder & Neck Injuries

Lower back and Hip Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Knee Pain

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

Calcific Tendonitis

Shin Splints

Morton's Neuroma

... and many other soft tissue injuries