I suffered from shoulder and upper arm pain in both arms for 2 years. Other treatments weren’t working and the doctor suggested surgery as the only alternative. My rotator cup were worn out from overuse, with a lot of scar tissue. Wait time would be 2 years or more. This was not an option for me. I received 2 Kinetik treatments from Dr. Harris and immediately after the first treatment I had less pain in my shoulders and arms. After the second treatment I was 90% pain free. I was able to sleep on my side without waking up from pain. I was a skeptic but am now a believer.

- Shirley K.

Hi to Ryan and the team. I am so very satisfied with the treatments you provided. On a scale of 0-100% I have to say 100%. I am aware that I have a heel spur; but as long as I wear proper footwear I no longer have any noticeable pain. As you know; I walk on a very uneven tile floor, pavement and concrete 8 hours a day. Before I came to you I was in tears daily from foot pain. And lived on pills; just so I could go to work each day. After the first treatment I walked all the next day with no pills and minimal pain. By the end of the 4th treatment I was a new person. That was a month ago and still no pain, no pills. So thanks so very much.

- Pat Cameron

After undergoing Arthroscopic Surgery on my left knee to repair a torn ACL, I underwent extensive physiotherapy without full recovery due to chronic, muscle spasms and scar tissue. After one visit to see Dr. Harris I noticed measurable gains in pain relief along with range of motion. Finally, after completing my course of Kinetik Treatments I was at a loss for words in regards to the gratitude I had for Dr. Harris’ help. Kinetik was the best therapy I received over 3 years of pain and I’m willing to advocate that it works!

- Kenton D.

My recovery has been amazing. I have NO pain or tingling in my fingers since the second treatment. I am very happy with my treatment. It is 100 percent successful. Please use my testimonial.

- R.B.

The services I have received with Kinetik have been among the best in terms of quality and fundamental in my return to health. When my injury would respond to no other treatment, Dr. Harris was my last resort. Ryan and the awesome staff provided not only a focused and professional atmosphere but were also friendly enough to make me feel welcome and hopeful in the midst of an extremely tough situation. I highly, highly recommend Kinetik Therapy to anyone and everyone who is seeking treatment for injuries or simply general maintenance.

- Melissa S.

I have been having an on going elbow pain that’s been affecting me with Football and just everyday life such as work! I had tried quite a few different treatments over a long period of time but nothing compares to the results I received from Kinetik! Compared to how I was feeling at the start of my football season I would say I had about 90% success rate after my treatments. I would definitely recommend the Kinetik Shockwave therapy not just to an athlete but ANYONE! The staff at Kinetik Therapy were amazing as well! They made it really easy to book appointments and answered any question I had! Definitely a place I would go back to.

- Nick W.

I have had foot pain for several years now on the ball of my foot which was affecting my toes.  The pain was so bad it would stop me from walking.  I had a family wedding in July and danced 3 dances and couldn’t do anymore.  My wedding was coming up in 3 weeks and I was really worrying about that.  Then I saw the ad in the newspaper and called Kinetik Therapy about their shockwave treatment, I had seen that there were many positive results from their patients.  I booked all I had time for before my wedding and thank goodness I made that phone call because after just 3 treatments I danced all night at my wedding!!

- Gloria G.

The treatments are very helpful. Now I can raise my arm and am golfing full time. I am so grateful to you and to my friend for telling me of his success being able to play ball again. This adds so much enjoyment to our lives.

- V.W.

I am very pleased with the kinetik shockwave treatment I received.  Nothing else in the past few years has helped as much.  I am about 90% better.  I have finally found relief from my plantar fasciitis due to the shockwave treatments I received from the Kinetik therapy clinic. The staff are very friendly, helpful and encouraging. They targeted the areas of my feet that were giving me problems and I can now complete a full day’s work without feeling the pain I once had.  I am very pleased!

- D.M.

Every treatment of Kinetik was like taking that giant leap forward in terms of recovery. The moments in between would be invested in waiting for the next great leap towards ultimate recovery and health delivered by the next Kinetik treatment. The innovation and deliverance of Kinetik Shockwave treatment will be the most rewarding investment a person can make on the road to recovery, health and vitality.

- Noah

The Kinetik therapy treatments I undertook were very helpful for my left shoulder tendonitis.  I had completed massage therapy, physio and active release prior to commencing shockwave.  In my case, the first two treatments really hurt a lot and I almost ceased this treatment avenue. I’m glad I continued because thereafter, I was able to tolerate the treatments much better and finished a few treatments later with improved mobility and strength.  A few months on, I remain mindful of this left shoulder and I’ve learned to dial the intensity back for exercise and work while maintaining a daily routine of shoulder strength and mobility exercises. I believe that the kinetik shockwave therapy works well in conjunction with the other forms of treatment mentioned above for a variety of shoulder problems. I am pleased to provide this testimonial.

- M.C.

To Ryan and Staff,

I am very pleased at the results of the Kinetik Shockwave treatments with 100% of the pain gone.  I only have a bit of tightness in the neck and shoulder but should release with some stretch exercises.

The first treatment did not do much but the next two treatments had some good results.  Every treatment after the third treatment gave me good results and diminishing pain.  I would suggest to your clients to give these shockwave treatments a fair try, as it might not show results right away.  My neck was in extreme pain, some said SWT would not work very well for neck pain, I am very fortunate to have given SWT a chance to work.  I am now pain free and will recommend SWT to everyone because no one should suffer through that type of pain.

- Claudio

I would recommend this treatment to anyone in need….I went from protecting my arm for about 10 months to 90% better and I am out golfing without even thinking about it !!

- S.C.

I am soooo pleased to advise my 3 kinetik therapy sessions have completely cured my Planters Fasciitis. I’m back playing tennis and feel I have my life back, Yahoo!!

I have referred lots of people for kinetik, hopefully some have booked with your office.

Best regards,

- T.A.

I am 66 years old and I had six kinetik shockwave treatments last summer and am now 100 % recovered from tendonitis in my left shoulder. The pain got progressively worse to the point where I couldn’t sleep on that side and was having trouble getting dressed. I tried two sessions of physiotherapy, but the pain was becoming unbearable. I was a little skeptical, but decided to try the treatment out of desperation. As recommended between the treatments, I was careful not to sleep on that side or do anything strenuous with my left arm. After the fifth treatment I was then able to sleep normally and started increasing left arm exercises. My shoulder seemed to get stronger with every week that passed. I can now play tennis, exercise with hand weights, do plank for five minutes and am completely pain free thanks to this amazing treatment….thank you! PS: I brought my iPod with me to play music during the sessions to help me relax – this was especially useful for the first few sessions when I was in a lot of pain.

- M.F.

I am a career advanced care paramedic/ firefighter so I have to be able to perform in a variety of physical situations. Over 20 years ago I was playing goal in ice hockey and dove to make a save which injured my rotator cuff badly. No I did not even make the save. I saw a sports Dr who said I would not benefit from surgery. So I did some physical therapy which didn’t help that much. I have been suffering with that shoulder off and on since. It gets to the point where I have to limit my weight lifting. About a year ago I injured the other shoulder doing some heavy landscaping, the landscaping does look nice though. Now I had 2 injured shoulders. I saw an ad for kinetik therapy and decided I might as well give it a try as others have benefited from it. The one shoulder I injured about a year before felt great after the treatments but to my surprise the one I injured over 20 years ago felt great also. After the treatments I have been able to resume my weightlifting and exercising normally without any pain. I can do my job with no concerns or taking pain meds. I just wished it would have taken 9 strokes off my golf game. Would and have recommended kinetik to people. The staff, Dr and office is great also

- Blaine B.


3 treatments for spur in heel of foot and gone.  I have an extremely physical job as a landscaper and the therapy from Kinetik has made my job a lot more comfortable.  Highly Recommend.

- Drew S.

I suffered with plantar fasciitis for over three years. I tried numerous avenues to relieve the pain but nothing helped. My physical activities became severely reduced and with that came new problems. After just three Kinetik Therapy treatments with shockwave, the fasciitis has completely disappeared.
I suffered with tension headaches on a daily basis for over three months.  After just one Kinetik Therapy treatment on my neck, my R.O.M. increased instantly. I am happy to say that after my second Kinetik treatment followed by a massage in the same clinic, I no longer have headaches.
I am also experiencing relief from the discomfort of my scoliosis with a combination of Kinetik therapy, chiropractic treatment and massage.
Thanks to Dr. Harris and his team of professionals I am regaining my mobility as well as my lifestyle.
There is a solution…shockwave therapy is inexpensive, non-invasive and it works!!!!
Thank you again

- Karen H.


My recovery # is 90% from plantar fasciitis.
The kinetik shockwave therapy has worked for me. I experienced chronic debilitating pain day and night for over a year before trying the therapy. I noticed an improvement following the 2nd treatment. After 7 treatments I now have no pain in my foot other than the occasional twinge in my heel if I have been on my feet all day. I am so relieved and I feel like I have got my life back. Thank you so much!

- C.H.

I tried message,  physiotherapy, and IMS to help my shoulder.  I could not do my exercises or raise my arm too far above my head without pain.  After one visit with Kinetik, my mobility had improved.  After my treatments were complete, my shoulder was much improved.  It took about 6 months for complete recovery but I am so happy I discovered Kinetik therapy.  Thank you for improving my health and keeping me up with my fitness routine!
All the best,

- Barb

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