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Kinetik Therapy in Las Vegas was created by Dr. Ryan Harris, one of the pioneers of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and the creator of the Kinetik Therapy technique. Having performed over 30,000 treatments and regularly receiving referrals from a variety of medical professionals, Dr. Harris has become one of North America’s busiest and most successful Shockwave therapists. After using Shockwave and the Kinetik Therapy technique over the past 11 years with such profound success, he decided to bring this innovative technology to one of his favourite cities.

“Kinetik Therapy has not only helped thousands of my patients recover from acute and chronic muscle and tendon injuries, but they also cured a chronic, severe rotator cuff and tennis elbow injury I had been suffering with for 2 years. I spent 2 years searching for and trying dozens of therapies and in the end, Shockwave Therapy turned out to be the only therapy that completely resolved my injury and severe chronic pain. After years of utilizing this incredible technology, I was able to develop a cutting-edge technique, greatly improving the already profound results of Shockwave Therapy.”


As my practice has advanced over the past several years, I have chosen to prioritize exceptionally high standards for my therapists. That is why the training program my therapists receive at my clinic is the most extensive program created anywhere to date. I take great pride in what I do and the therapy we provide, which is why we will continue to maintain such strong communication, support, and training for each of our therapists.


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